101 Ways To Go Australia For MTV Roadies 6

Welcome to Hell Down Under.
Poisonous Snakes

These are not your mythical, friendly snakes we see in our Hindi movies. They won’t bless you or be morphed into a pretty lady with magical powers. These Australian snakes are known to bite and kill. The most dangerous snake in the world is the Australian Inland Taipan and the strangest thing is that it has never killed anyone, as yet. Maybe they’re just waiting for you.
Besides this slithering devil, Australia also has King Brown, Python, Tiger Snake, Redbellied Black Snake, Eastern Brown Snake to name a few. You can discover the rest when you stomp your fat feet over them.
We take no responsibility for your nightmares.

Dangerous Spiders

Incy wincy spider crawls up the spout. Down came a Roadie and pulled his eyes out. Well, if you come to Australia that’s what you’ll do when you see the Funnel Web Spider. It is the deadliest spider in the world waiting to bite someone after it killed a tourist recently. And if you miss your date with this devilish imp, Australia has other interesting ones like the Redback Spider, White-tailed, Huntsman, Australian tarantulas and the Golden Orb Weaver, we can go on and on but we think that you just gulped! Scared already?


Maybe you think you’re too tough for snakes and spiders, but what about Australian Crocodiles? Imagine coming face to face with the Australian man eating croc, what would you do then? Cross your fingers and pray to be invisible. Their brain size is twice as yours, so do not think you can outwit these cunning and unpredictable man eaters. If they are hungry and catch your body odour then game’s over.
Survival hint: Get croc repellant. Oh wait, that’s out of stock, sorry.

We’re not trying to scare you; we’re trying to SCARE you away, because we want to take a Roadie to Hell Down Under. So if you’ve already accepted defeat and thinking of calling it quits (wise decision), why don’t you send your enemies instead? We’ll get the dirty job done for you.

Pst….We’re coming up with some task games for losers like you who can never get the real thing.


MTV Roadies 6 : Hell Down Under : Group Discussion Tips

Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts for the Roadies: Hell Down Under Group Discussions:


Be calm. During the GD, try to remain calm and maintain your composure.
Be specific. Whenever you get a chance to speak, stay to the topic and be specific. Remember: It is the QUALITY of your talks that are being judged and NOT quantity.
Be polite. If you want to contradict another participant on his/her views, start with a sentence like ‘ I understand your point of view but I think that (your view)’ or ‘ I agree with your thoughts but the way I see it is (your view)’
Make opportunities for you to talk. If there is utter chaos in the GD and no one is listening to each other, turn to the GD moderator and ask his/her permission to speak. This will automatically silence the other participants and also give you a chance to put forth your views. (Don’t forget to thank the GD moderator)