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Suzanna Saying About Fellow Roadies

The journey helped me understand the other Roadies really well, I wish I had more time to figure them out,

Ankur: a sweet guy… Didn’t get to know him though
Sonia: a very sensible girl … and very beautiful
Bhanu: the most chilled out guy
Vicky: weirdo
Neha: bitchy
Sandeep : I hated him … sometimes funny … but mostly irritating …
Pradeep : spineless … male chauvinist …. Egoistic …
Nauman : the playboy this season …
Sufi : the most deserving roadie … but as always the deserving ones don’t survive
Bobby : A good chick at heart .. But the worst performer… I hope she gets well soon … and how much can she talk … actions speak louder than words but in her case it’s only words, words and more words
Tamanna : pretentious and a very cunning girl … but I really admire her fighting spirit
Palakh : the most straight-forward .. But she needs to learn some etiquette
Samrat : a good friend .. An honest guy … I really want him to be the winner… all the best to you buddy
Natasha : beauty with brains .. I hope she goes a long way
Roop : she should get into politics … she will definitely go a long way
Poulomi: my god .. she’s a sweet heart … I still cant believe she’s 28
Kiri : funny guy … I dint like him much initially ..but he proved me wrong …
Varisha : the prettiest girl this season … but really dumb
Devarshi : calling him irritating and annoying is an understatement …

Suzanna Says – Oh My God!!



Being selected as a roadie out of so many people was unbelievable … it felt so unreal.. It just didn’t sink in …. It was only when I started the journey and some days passed (after the first vote-out) that i was like “oh my God!” this is really happening

Starting from the very first vote out, I was hardly ever immune… So facing the vote-outs with the thought that this might be my last day here had become more like a routine since I got along with very few roadies

But the Silvassa vote-out was one in which I really thought I would survive and I got voted-out … yah!! Being voted out sucks … it was really disheartening to be out at this stage of the game right before going to Australia… I had already pushed all my woolens down and had placed all my shorts and t-shirts on top since it was summer in Australia..

It felt really unfair especially when loosers like Pradeep and Sandeep were still surviving on the show just by playing dirty politics and doing nothing … as evident given a chance I would want Sandeep (or son of a beeeeeep) to be going home instead of me followed by Pradeep

The only people I am going to miss only Samrat and Natasha … the rest hardly matter to me.
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Raghu’s Comments On Episode 8 28th February

As the journey in India has come to an end I must say that I am very excited. The kind of stuff we’ve thought out and fixed up in Australia is mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to see how the roadies fare down under. But as people who understand roadies know, going abroad is a big deal for us, and the last destination in India is always the setting for high drama and action. The roadies will be tested on many things before they can go to the next level in Australia. And I was particularly keen to see what choices the roadies made in Silvassa. Even though there were a series of events that really annoyed Rajiv & me, I was not upset with it. While taping a reality show like roadies, one cannot dwell too long on what has happened. One has to constantly focus on what has to be done and shot. The twists and turns were mostly decided before we set out on the journey. The rest of it is always improvisation, based on how the story develops. This is the reason I broke the teams and battle it out against each other, I wanted the roadies to understand that not only is the game going to get much tougher in Australia, they also will not have the support of any gangs. Its each roadie for himself or herself. It also gives another clear difference in the game in India and Australia, helping Australia truly become the next level. For me, it is always interesting to see how people behave when they have to work against their friends and team-mates. The ‘Akhada’ task also helped in making the roadies understand that they are truly alone in the game. They cannot count on people who they consider their friends. They are too busy fighting for themselves. Many people felt that it was not right for the girls to do the ‘Akhada’ task, but I don’t agree. Why not? If we are putting the boys in that situation, will it not be unfair to not put the girls through the same? And we’re not getting the girls to fight boys, after all. But on a different note, we had told the girls what to wear so as to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and when things threatened to go out of control, we stopped the task and warned the girls against fighting unfair. We can only set up a situation. What happens after that and how the roadies behave are things we don’t have any control over. The story must not be tampered with. It must unfold whichever way it has to. But we can show everything that happens as honestly as we can and leave the viewers to react whichever way they want to. The time has finally arrived where we will be going to the next level. The journey through Australia is going to be full of twists, shocks and dangers of many kinds. Rajiv and I could be a part of that, and maybe pay a surprise visit, but obviously, i’m not gonna reveal that right now.

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