Suzanna Says – Oh My God!!



Being selected as a roadie out of so many people was unbelievable … it felt so unreal.. It just didn’t sink in …. It was only when I started the journey and some days passed (after the first vote-out) that i was like “oh my God!” this is really happening

Starting from the very first vote out, I was hardly ever immune… So facing the vote-outs with the thought that this might be my last day here had become more like a routine since I got along with very few roadies

But the Silvassa vote-out was one in which I really thought I would survive and I got voted-out … yah!! Being voted out sucks … it was really disheartening to be out at this stage of the game right before going to Australia… I had already pushed all my woolens down and had placed all my shorts and t-shirts on top since it was summer in Australia..

It felt really unfair especially when loosers like Pradeep and Sandeep were still surviving on the show just by playing dirty politics and doing nothing … as evident given a chance I would want Sandeep (or son of a beeeeeep) to be going home instead of me followed by Pradeep

The only people I am going to miss only Samrat and Natasha … the rest hardly matter to me.
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